Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My 25th post - The Liebster Award

Well, here goes nothing. Most of you know that there is this awesome Blog Award that goes around, called The Liebster Award. It is kinda a nice little boost to your day when you get it, So thank you to Karen over at Your Daily Dose of Damn! for the nomination!

The award goes as follows: I’m supposed to post 11 random facts about myself, answer the 11 questions Karen posted, nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers, and create 11 new questions for the bloggers I pass the award onto, and go to their page and let em know they have to do it too. (yes they HAVE to do it, otherwise I'll send out my ninja penguin army and they will rue the day that they ignored such a high honor from me! Side note: what does rue mean?)

11 Facts:

1) I am writing out question one.
2) I just made you roll your eyes, or laugh.
3) I made you laugh.  
4) My son had a great first moment today - the first time is underestimated his "toot" - totally Sharted! 
5) My computer tower is on the floor at my feet and I just accidentally hit the button to open the CD rom tray thing with my toe, when it opened I felt it brush my ankle and jumped up thinking there was something under my desk. - I'm a little nuts.
6) I'm in a playful mood today, someone throw me a ball of yarn. :)
7) I am a very big animal lover, but we can't have any animals, not even fish, because someone has a giant bug up his tush.
8) I am no going to be babysitting anymore after March 15th, and I'm kinda sad and very worried I won't find a new job QUICK. (because then someone will have an even bigger bug up his tush)
9) seriously, I'm only on 9...I am skipping to 10
10) I am not going to write a fact for 11. :)
11) I lied in number 10. 

11 Questions:

1) When was the last time you were truly embarrassed?  I want the story.  

    When I was 22 or something to that effect, I had gone on a 2nd date with this guy to a ski resort. First, we went to pick up a ski outfit because I had to look the part, and I tripped and fell backwards over the line divider thingy ( you know tow poles and a nifty rope/belt thing in between) I pulled a whole row of em down with me. as if that wasn't bad enough, I wore a cute all white track suit kinda thing.On the drive up we stopped for a pee break and I slipped on a wet spot and slid down a muddy hill on my backside, it looked like I had a massive diarrhea incident and I think I scared a few people as I stood in the backroom sans pants - washing mud out in the sink. And to top it all off, I had a pretty bad accident coming down a huge hill we dared each other to try, I tore the ligaments in my knee and had to be carried on a board all the way down, while he walked beside the medics.

2) Have you ever had a Brazilian wax? 
No. I'll handle that area on my own thanks.

3) Let’s say you’re passive aggressive, like I am.  Pretend I’m the person you’d love to tell off, but never would to his/her face.  Let me have it. 
I....can't. I need to have motive, you haven't given me a proper reason to be pissed off at you...I don't want to mouth you off for the wrong reason!

4) Have you ever looked through someone’s phone without them knowing? 
No, I would NEVER do that...*looks around guiltily*

5) Toilet paper – over or under? 

Under - It looks neater.

6)What is your guilty pleasure? 

Lemoncello, Facebook, Candy Crush Saga

7)Name 3 blogs that you regularly read. 

The Crumb Diares - Curveballs, Crazy as Normal, and Monday's Nugget

8)The stupidest thing you did to impress a guy. 

Attempt skiing. see question 1.

9)If you were a superhero, what would your super power be? 

  Umm, seriously, don't you know I AM a superhero?!?! I'm a mom! Hello!

10)What would your superhero name be? 

  See question 9, "mom" "mama" "mommy" "mother" "ma"

11)Manscaping – Preferred?  Or not so much? 

Yes! Very Preferred, very much preferred.

11 8 Nominees  

Mom Gone Green

Princess Among Superheros


Walking Talking Polly Pocket 

Epic Mommy Adventures

Through the Newlywed Lens

Healthy Life, Happy Life

A Momless Mom

11 New Questions:

  1. What kind of people do you hate the most? 
  2. If tomorrow you are made the President of your country for 1 day, what will you do 1st? 
  3. Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?
  4. If some wizard or witch appears and request you to ask 3 wishes, what will they be?
  5. What is your fondest memory? 
  6. Tell one thing you did in your childhood that you laugh at now and wouldn’t mind doing – if you could?
  7. Who is your all time favourite author? 
  8. What is your favorite candy?
  9. Who has impacted on your life the most? 
  10. Do you believe in miracles? Why? 
  11. What would you rather not be caught doing – which you do, of course?


  1. wow.. I got a few insights about you by reading 'the facts' section. I didn't know that you are going to stop baby sitting. Did you find another job yet? All the Best! :) and Thanks for the nomination.

    1. yes, I need to get health insurance and Hun doesn't really like that I do the babysitting, so to keep the peace, I am going back to work. :( Unfortunately I am still waiting for a few phone calls.

  2. Congratulations!! Well deserved. Funny Stuff!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  3. Congrats! Yarn ball thrown! Wink! Hopping over to return the follow from You've got a new stalker! You've got a new stalker! Love your page!-Ginger

  4. Congratulations on getting it, and thankyou for awarding me it.. it's the second time now and i still havent got around to answering all the questions and posting myself so i will have to damn well make time!! Thanks again1!

  5. Isn't that Candy Crush game on facebook addictive? I am spending far too much time playing that game.