Friday, February 15, 2013

Parents everywhere unite!

If you child's bed looks anything like my children's beds, you'll completely relate to this blog. They have a ton of Pillow Pets, Happy Nappers, Twilight Turtles, Stuffies, Stompies, Dream Lites, Bright Lites Glow Pillows and most recently, they've asked for the Bright Lights Glow Blanket. Enough already!
Well, what the hell did I just see, but a new generation of the Pillow Pet!!! This one is a glow pillow mixed with a pillow pet. It's called Glow Pet. Come on now! Do we as parents need to tolerate it! I don't personally buy all this crap for my kids (although I was the one who bought the Twilight Turtle, but that was before dream lites, before the glow pillow, before all the other crap). The kids manipulate Ba-Noi's addiction to as seen on TV products, and her love of giving them EVERYTHING, so we end up with a bed full of animals and pillows that light up and do nothing worth the price tag. These things are also things that they "needed" to bring with us on vacation too! We had an extra large trash bag (you know those black contractor bags you get at home depot) for all their bed stuff we packed for Great Wolf Lodge last weekend. For one weekend, and I put my foot down on most of the stuff! Ugh!!! Grandparents are great aren't they?
It might be alright if these things didn't eat batteries and worked like they advertise. They all have some sort of timer, but within two weeks, we are putting new batteries in. The Twilight Turtle was the best on battery life and you can also use a 9V AC adapter, because I don't buy crap that I don't research first.
The Bright Lights glow pillows are reactive to touch, so if the kids turn over or slightly twitch at night, they turn on again for 20 more minutes, and when they batteries grow weak, it only lights up red and green. Do you know what happens with Love when things don't work the way they are supposed to? She won't sleep until it works, she will cry-hum all night until it's fixed. That's part of her quirks with her PDD-NOS diagnosis. These things take 4 batteries each ( we have 2 glow pillows) and we've replaced them every Friday since Christmas Day. Although this week we put a stop to it because we are done buying batteries, forever. We are going to have to battle with Love, but we'll deal with that battle when it hits.
The pillow pets were great, we just have every single one, plus a few knockoff ones, like Thomas the train and Spongebob ( although I'm anti-Spongebob, so that's at Grandmom's house). I'm putting my foot down. Enough is enough! I can't take it anymore! My kids need an intervention!


  1. last count I currently have 6 battery chargers....24 AAA re-chargeable batteries, 36 AA re-chargeable batteries, & 42 C re-chargeable batteries...My lil Miss Prissy Pants will not go to sleep until all of her bed-mates are fully operational......she pitches a crying, humming or barking, hand-flapping, body rocking fit until all have been "fed" new(re-charged) batteries and have been tested .....gggrrrrrrrr..

  2. Another thing about Glow Pets - I just got two of them for my kids and it would be really nice if the geniuses that sell them would put a sticker or something showing where the battery compartment opens. Most people don't exactly enjoy messing around trying to figure which way to pry something open when it might break.

    In this case, while you can easily squeeze the front plate open where the switch is (which most people will never need to do), in order to replace the batteries (A much more common requirement) you have to remove a small Phillips head screw and then stick something in a nondescript square hole about an inch away from the screw hole in order to lift the cover. And of course there's a pry hole at the opposite end where the cover meets the rest of the case that looks exactly like what you'd expect you should pry open, but if you do that you'll snap off the tabs that hold the back on and end up wrapping tape around your new overpriced toy in order for it to work. Brilliant design Glow Pet People...

  3. My oldest has ALL the "as seen on TV" crap...from a combination of a lot of grandparents due to divorces and remarriages.