Monday, March 18, 2013

Interview with my vampires

I made this interview for an annual activity to do with the kids. It’ll be fun to see how their answers change as the years go by. I also recorded the interviews to remember their silliness and how they talk. For instance, Babe still doesn't pronounce all his words correctly, he says dem, and I sink, and wif, and all sorts of funny things. Love was in the silliest mood doing this on a car ride home from school, I had to interrupt her and ask for a serious answer for #29. Feel free to steal my questions or create your own, and send me the link, I’d love to read your children’s answers because kids really do say the darndest things!

1.       Why do you like being a kid?
Babe:  I can play all day.
Love:  It’s so much fun because I can play with my brothers and on PBSKids
2.       What is something that mommy always says?
Babe:  No, don’t touch!
Love:  I love you
3.       If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why? 
Babe:  A Elephant, because I always like to drink water from a straw.
Love:  Hello kitty, because she’s an animal, she’s a kitty cat
4.       What do you love most about your sibling?
Babe:  I love her when her is being nice
Love:  He helps me fix my Barbie wheel on my Barbie car
5.       What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?  
Babe: Play outside and go on a boat in the ocean to catched crabs, but not when they pinch me.
Love: Play at the castle park and hit the button really hard in the car wash at the park.
6.       What do you think makes a person good-looking?   
Babe: They make doctors
Love: Make-up
7.       Name two things we should do as a family on the weekend. 
Babe: See the Croods, and eat, and play at the park.
Love: Make pizza and make pasta
8.       What is the grossest thing you can think of?  
Babe: Spiders
Love: Eating your boogers
9.       How old is your Mommy?  
Babe:  Umm, I forget, maybe number 15.
Love: I don’t know, I guess 21 but I’m not sure
10.   What time does your Mommy wake up in the morning? 
Babe:  Really early.
Love: Late
11.   What do you like best about your mom? 
Babe: Umm, Playing. No kisses!
Love: Helping me
12.   How old is your dad?  
Babe: Um, I think he is 14.
Love:  I think he’s 36.
13.   How strong is your Dad?  
Babe: SUPER Strong!!!!
Love: Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, strong!
14.   What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?  
Babe: Play and cut trees with him
Love: Go to our favorite restaurant and I can color with Emma, because he dad works there
15.   What do you like best about your Dad? 
Babe:  Umm, Going out to lunch with him, and Breakfast, and he plays with me, and he is silly all the time
Love: I hold on to his arm and he pulls us up
16.   Where do you want to work when you grow up?
Babe:  With mine daddy but I’m going to have two computers when I buy one.
 Love:  A animal doctor
17.   What do you think you’ll be doing ten years from now?
Babe:  I’ll start eating some vegetables, but not right now, only when I grow up to be a daddy, then I will do it.
Love:  Playing the wake up in the morning (kesha) song in my car.
18.   What is your favorite toy? 
Babe:  My fire truck like Geo.
Love: My Hello kitty squinkies and the hello kitty machine for the squinkies
19.   What is your favorite book?  
Babe: The how much my love will find you book.
Love: My CareBears book
20.   What is your favorite show?
Babe:  Umizoomis and Diego
Love: Curious George
21.   What is your favorite song? 
Babe:  Umm, Old MacDonald.
Love: The I throw my arms up in the air sometimes, saying ay oh, baby let’s go
22.   What is your favorite color? 
Babe: Red and yellow and green and blue
Love: Yellow
23.   How much do you weigh? 
Babe: 4 pounds
Love: 31 pounds
24.   What makes you happy?
Babe:   Birthday things, and when I get some food.
Love:  Playing with my hello kitty toys
25.   What makes you sad?
Babe:  When you tell me to go to time out
Love: When you yell at me
26.   If you had one wish, what would you wish for? 
Babe: Umm a new boat, a toy one, cause we need all of em.
Love: That my brothers could be twins because they are both 4, and I wish to be a butterfly, and I will get my butterfly net and catch myself.
27.   What do you like to eat? 
Babe: Fruit and healthy things. Yummy and good things.
Love: Macaroni and cheese, and pickles and carrots
28.   Who cooks better mommy or daddy?
Babe: Daddy because you are a dangerous cooker
Love: All of you are good cookers, but you always burn your fingers
29.   What do you like to order at restaurants? 
Babe:  Cheese macaronis and grilled cheese. and chicken.
Love:  Ice Cream, and bubbles. (Mommy: you are being silly today aren’t you, what do you really order for dinner silly head) Pickles and Carrots.
30.   Where would you go for vacation? 
Babe:  To the place we went to with the food, on the vacation. Great lolf lodge. I liked to eat there.
Love: Ocean City, to the beach and swim in the ocean
31.   Are we done asking questions? 
Babe: I don’t think I can anymore, but I do think I can do more.
Love:  No we have 5 more left
32.   What are you afraid of?
Babe:   The dark, and spiders, but I like the blue spider because he is nice.
Love: Bugs, but not butterflies and lady bugs, they are nice bugs
33.   What is your favorite holiday?
Babe:  I like the Christmas tree one. Because we even get 100 presents!
Love: Halloween because I can be a Hello Kitty and a Candy Corn
34. What do you think is funny?
Babe: When you tickle me and when daddy makes silly faces,  
Love: When my brothers are being silly.
35.   What do you not like about being a kid? 
Babe: I’m too little, and it’s not fair not to go on the big rides, and always daddy says no when I want to ride the big rides at Dutch Wonderland. 
Love: Going to bed early.

The best brother and sister



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