Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little helpers

The kids are on a spring cleaning kick right along with me. I told Babe the list of things we had to do today and he immediately asked to help. YES!!! Love helpers!
So I turned on some music, told him first things first, we need to wash the sheets. He went upstairs and took all the sheets off his and Love's beds. I went and took my sheets off and threw them down stairs, told him to throw his down as well. 
Then he started a load of sheets in the washer for me, he already knows how to do that (yes, you're kid may be an honor student, but mine does laundry willingly!). Next on our list was to tackle the bathrooms, but there wasn't really anything for him to do, so I made up a bunch of small things he could do, things that didn't really need to be done. He helped me clear everything off the sink, take the trash downstairs to be dumped later, and take the bathrug and towels downstairs, get the broom and the dustpan/brush, I swept a little pile for him to scoop into the trash. In the meanwhile I had gotten done everything as far as the toilet and bathtub goes, but I let him wipe down the sink while I cleaned the mirror. 
Next we put new sheets on his bed, and he started picking up his toys. I have been so annoyed by the number of stuffed animals on his bed, but Hun doesn't want to hang up the animal net we have because he doesn't want holes in the walls, and command hooks didn't hold it. So Babe and I did this:

Now everyone is happy.

 As long as he doesn't try to climb in there, it should hold. I just need to figure out a way to hang Love's net too, without putting holes in the walls. Any suggestions?

After this he gave up on cleaning and so I've gone about doing the rest of the chores on our list and I only have 3 more chores to do, out of a list of 20 or so.


  1. You go girl!! Love it when the little ones like to help. My 14 year old is a pretty good helper around the house. Hopefully, my daughter-in-law will like me one day!!

    Now, put your feet up and RELAX. Remember, Hubby is making dinner so you don't burn your fingers!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  2. Wow! Lucky you, I can't get my 9 yo daughter to hang up her wet towels!!! UGH.

    1. Well he is in the helper stage, when he is 9 I'm sure I'll be doing all the chores on my own.

  3. What a great storage idea for stuffies! Do you have IKEA where you are? They have some cool things like that hang from the ceiling needing only 1 hook.

  4. You are a woman on a mission! I love those bunks. Are they handmade?

  5. No they are from a company called Maxtrix. They have a lot of adorable add ins and even loft beds, check them out here: http://www.maxtrixkids.com/

  6. Very smart idea! Neat and save lots of space. Good job! I am looking forward to my 3 year old helping me out when he comes of age :) or may be I shouldn't hold my breath :)