Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A few weeks ago Hun asked me if I had kept any clothes from when the kids were babies. I hadn't, so he was disappointed because he had hoped to have something to remember how small Babe once was.
I get his point, sort of. Maybe one or two outfits from that first year would have been nice, but I hate clutter. I am constantly throwing stuff away and wondering why I keep it. I have photos and videos and I think that should be enough. I can keep all of those on the computer. Otherwise you end up with a house full of junk. I have saved their lovey's which they still enjoy, I might save them forever, if they are in decent condition. Other than that, I haven't saved anything at this point. Have I just thrown away the memories of their childhood? Am I the worst Mom ever?
Seriously, who needs to hold on to baby hair? I'm not that sentimental. Unless, if years from now scientist will be able to cure any disease just from the baby hair kept safely in the scrapbooks and memory boxes across the world, I see no other point.
What things have you kept for your kids? What traditional keepsakes do you find ridiculous?

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