Monday, March 11, 2013

I want to be a billionaire so freakin bad...

What would you do with unlimited income? What if you had the ability to print your own legal money? Whatever you wanted for that day, just print out what you need and off you go, what would you do? Who would you help first? It's a great thing to fantasize about, it's even better if it were true.

"I have dreams like you, no really
Just much less touchy feely
They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny!
On an island that I own
Tanned and rested and alone
Surrounded by enormous piles of money!" 

First things first, I'd fund a research facility in every major city, in every country for Cancer research. I'd hire the best of the best and pay them billion-dollar-a-day incomes to get that shit handled. In the meanwhile, I'd pay for everyone to get the best treatment at the best places, so they have a better chance of being a survivor rather than a victim. Additionally, I'd supply medical staff and their families with unlimited income and make everyday medical care free for anyone who works 20 hours a week or goes to school.

Next priority, I would erase hunger for everyone around the world. I'd set up free groceries stores across the globe where all you'd have to pay is a voluntary charity donation for unlimited groceries. Additionally, those who are left homeless on the streets would be invited to stay at my homeless "hotels" where they could receive free medical treatment, hot showers and warm meals with the condition that they volunteer an hour of their time per week to help others out, as well as agree to talk to the free psychologist on staff once a week.

Now, I have taken care of the world's biggest problems, it's time to take care of my family and friends. I'd buy everyone a home, whichever house that they want, and pay their property taxes for the next 1000 years. I'd pay for their education expenses for the next ten generations. I'd set up vacation accounts for them to take up to 10 weeks vacation per year for the rest of their lives to the destinations of their choice. All outstanding debts they currently have would be paid of as well as additional money paid into utility, cable, phone, and internet bills. I'd pay for the furnishings of their houses and the weekly/monthly services to upkeep everything. They'd all have their own personal chefs, maids, butlers, landscapers, personal trainers and chauffeurs. They would wake up in the morning to their own stylists and closets full of the most beautiful clothes. 

Finally, there is me. I'd have all the above obviously, but I'd own a home in every city of every country, as well as a private jet to get there. I'd own my own cruise ship and pretty much live out the rest of my days traveling from place to place, meeting all the amazing people of the world who are all obviously so in love with me for saving the world. 

So in short, I'm the best candidate to be in control of the worlds money. Someone better get this legal money printer into my possession soon! Lives depend on it!

 Ok, ok, ok! I'm awake now! 
What would you do with an unlimited supply of moolah? Go!


  1. Damn you're very generous! I would be happy with an iPad. LOL

    1. I can help you with that now...go to Eileen's Giveaway for an iPad Mini!:)

  2. These are all cool ideas. How about if we take all the billionaires who got that way on the backs of people like us, and made them work at the grocery stores, hotels, and medical facilities for MINIMUM WAGE (if you still want that instituted of course - it is, after all, YOUR dream).

    Great post!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

    1. Yes, but minimum wage would be $50 per hour and the average work week would be 20 hours per week.