Saturday, September 6, 2014

What is wrong with America?

It happens everyday, multiple times a day really. You see it on the comments of your Facebook feed, articles you read through on huffpost, in tweets, on youtube, and nearly everywhere else on the internet. "This is what is wrong with America today."
Our children are over privileged and  under disciplined. Our adults are judgemental bullies. We hide behind computer screens and say what we want without thinking about consequences.  We get in a huff when someone has an opinion different than our own. We all have our heads down, staring at tablets and smart phones not looking at the family and friends that surround us.
While these things may be true, it all looks only at the negative.
Look around you! Look at how much freedom our children have today!  Children are able to stand up and be who they want to be, gay, transgendered, lesbian, or straight.  They don't have to live in the same fear that just one generation past had to deal with. More and more of us are learning to let go of the shaming behavior that has been taught through the generations. We have passed on the teachings of being true to yourself and now those teachings are taking shape. We are free to choose our religion, our profession, our love, how we spend our time, where to live,  and so much more. Americans are free, more free than they have ever been before! To those who don't like that, go move to another country, just remember, at least you have the freedom to do so.