Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 glasses of wine later

Spring is in the air
Which means I’ve gone from Couch potato to June Cleaver in 60 seconds. I am determined to get this house so clean that it shines for miles inside and out.
I got this new app on my iPhone. Well, not really new because I had it last year and it worked out great, so I decided to download this year’s copy!  It’s a yearly todo list, so each year you’ll have to download a new one.  It’s called Motivational Moms 2013. It has a free version which kept crashing on me and only gives you two weeks of chores, but the paid version is well worth the price tag, and the more you wait to buy, the more the price goes down. I paid the $7.99 last week because I know I’ll use it.
The point of the app is that when you wake up in the morning, all of your chores are already planned out for you. It’ll tell you when the carpets need to be steamed cleaned, when to dust the blinds, when to clean the baseboard, when to clear away the cobwebs and your sorrows, how often to change the kitchen towel, when to do laundry, clean toilets, renew prescriptions, take medicationsyou get the point.
What I NEED it for is to help with spring cleaning. It has the whole year planned out for you. It’ll tell you when to open the pool, when to close it, when to hang your Christmas lights outside and when to take them down., when do shop for groceries, when to defrost your fridge, cut kids nails, Change the AC or Furnace filter. It even gives you a bible verse to read each night, if you are into that sort of thing. But my favorite is what I am doing now. Enjoying my “quiet time!”
Yes, this thing even makes sure that at the end of each day (or the middle, or beginning- it’s your call) you get time for yourself. It also had a special “Do Crafts or Hobby” to do item. I like to complete my daily chores prior to doing anything. Then my reward is catch up on my weekly shows, or to play “Candy Crush Saga.”
Have I mentioned, I live on my iPhone? Yes, it’s Hun’s Pet peeve, his biggest pet peeve, as well as my moms, but “Whatever, Whatever! I do what I want!”
Truly though, My iPhone is what makes me wake up in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. (Really, I have my alarm on there, and Pandora radio sings me off to sleep). It gets me through doctor's office waiting rooms, and keeps my kids entertained in the grocery store. I have the ability to record any moment at any given time, even if it’s just babe picking his nose and eating his boogers evidence of his grossabilty to show to his future girlfriends. It allows me to show my friends how awesome I am, as I defeat them and remain as #1 in any and all games. It helps me find my way when I drive aimlessly and end up in East Bumblefuck. I get my mail, check my bank accounts, keep up with birthdays, manage our custody schedule, and keep tabs on my bank accounts, all thanks to the awesomeness of iPhone Apps. I was even able to use it for my daycare, by creating daily reports sent to parents via email.
It is my only social outlet most days, as my main means to connect via facebook and twitter. I even post my blogs using the Blogger App. Not only has this phone helped me to stay organized, I now know what my body is going to do, before my body even knows, thanks to the iPeriod app. In future times this same app will be helpful in planning # 3, which if a girl is to be named Sarah (love picked that out) and if it’s a boy Babe has selected Alien for his brother's name. Pray for a girl3 years from now. Wow, I went from Spring Cleaning to planning baby Number #3 in a few paragraphs, that's what wine does to me, gives me ADHD. Now you know why Hun prefers me sober.


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  1. Um, ok but will it actually come over and do those chores for me? There must be an upgrade version of that app!

    1. Maybe on the iPhone 165! To be released 2081! Lol!

  2. I have been in such a fog the past few weeks. I am so over winter, plus Grace is sick. Yesterday, though, I was in the same euphoric spring trajectory as you! I went for run, vacuumed the house, went and got a mani/pedi, made egg salad, washed the shower curtain, and did tons of laundry. Spring is like crack, but not whack, and I love it.

  3. I wish I could get in a spring cleaning mood! I just want to get caught up on my laundry... If I could ever get that mountain down I would stay on top of it but gah I just HATE FOLDING AND PUTTING AWAY!!! Maybe I should change my blog name to something laundry hating related??? lol

    -Queen Mommy

    1. My biggest laundry hangup is the socks, but I've been able to coonvince the kids to make matches, All I have to do it fold them. I hang everything up, so it's just a matter of laying out shirts and Pants into piles, and slipping the hangers in.

  4. It tracks your cycle??? Holy smokes. Sounds like you and the phone have a pretty solid relationship!!

    And I'm with Anita...if it actually DO some of the chores, that would be worth the price of an Iphone!!

    Great post!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids