Monday, April 15, 2013

Goodbye iPhone, Hello Windows 8 phone.

Welcome to my new iPhone-less world. One in which candy crush saga doesn't exist!! Eeeek!!! :( It's ok, I'll survive. There is a whole page of events that led me to this decision, but here's what really made up my mind. On Wednesday last week, I dropped my phone for the hundredth time, only this time I wasn't filled with the panic that it would be broken. I had dropped it plenty of times before and it had always been fine. As luck would have it, it was in fact very much cracked. (note: this was the 3rd iPhone in two years thanks to cracked screens and water damage) I was due for an upgrade in a few days(today,)  so I thought I'd live with the cracks for now and wait until the new iPhone was out. However, a good friend suggested I go over to the Samsung Galaxy line because they use gorilla glass and would probably withstand the abuse I give my phones. They were due to release the newest S4 model 4/16/13...tomorrow. Surely, I could hold on for one more day. So I starting watching reviews on the S3, new features slotted for the S4, as well as still looking at the iPhone5 and thinking about just sticking with it. Then Hun made sure to drill it in my head, that $200, even $100, for a new phone was way out of our budget range. All of our money has gone towards a new backyard for the kids and us to enjoy this summer. Plus, I don't have any personal income right now, since I've stopped my in home daycare, so I went into Verizon today to see what was available in my $0.00 price range, that I could see myself using without missing my iPhone too much.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Nokia Lumia 822 (free with the 2 yr upgrade). I loved the touch screen, the Windows 8 environment, the ability to connect it to my windows 8 notebook. I searched for the top apps to make sure I had the ability to access all my favorites, like Pandora and Facebook, and was truly satisfied by what I found. Still, I perused through the store looking at each and every phone, the galaxy's the stratosphere's, the note, as well as the iphone5 among others. No matter how cool their features, they just couldn't sway my decision. Like a bride in a dress shop, I had found THE phone. I've only had few hours to play with it but I love it so much more than the iPhone already. Why did I ever let apple sway me with their overpriced phone, which had so many malfunctions that we are just supposed to accept, or pay for a new one, such as the lock button which lost it's ability to lock my phone on not one, but all three of my phones, an issue that apple has still not corrected with the iPhone 5. So goodbye Apple. You've lost another customer today.


  1. Glad you found something that works for you. And in your $0.00 price range!!

    1. Hun is happier about it too, and if he is happy, we are all good.

  2. You finally found one! I guess you won't have time to miss your old iPhone, now that you have the phone that works right for you. I hope your S3 is still in good shape now that’s it’s been more than a year since its purchase. Are you considering upgrading to an S5 or maybe the model after that? Have a good day!

    Bryan Barnes @ Cell Phone Repair, IN