Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Don't freak out!" (Yes, that's another Tangled reference)

The number one rule of parenting an accident prone kid? Keep calm and mommy on. Pretending that huge gash that is squirting blood all over the walls, carpets, beds, nothing more than a wee little paper cut. That is the moment you know you know you've aced this whole mommy thing. You got that mom of the year trophy, In. The. Bag!
Yes, you have refrained from screaming, "Oh my god!! Holy eff! Your arm is separated from your body" and instead replied with a simple, "ok, it's just a little cut, we can do" (holy Jesus cresus, did I learn about severed limbs in first aid!?!) "Umm. Ok, it's umm, it's ok, Momma's just learned about this in doctor school. Let's get an ice pack and some towels." "Sugar pie, can you get momma's phone while momma tries to find the other bones that go with your sisters hand?" "Thanks dear. Now can you do me a favor? Do you know how to call 911? Good dial it NOWWWW!!!!!"

Luckily, my night was not nearly as scary, but when your kids are hurt it kinda feels like that no matter what.
Love decided that the door way needed to be kicked as she entered my room for story time. Apparently, that particular door jam was on her shit list. Her 4th toe is a bit swollen and she refuses to walk on it. Pretty sure it's broken or hopefully just bruised? I don't know, I didn't really go to Doctor School, just CPR and First aid. We shall see in the morning. With her mommy having a non healing broken hand & wrist & arm fracture and seeing her fear whenever she touches my hand thinking she is going to hurt it further, as well as the fact that I broke a knuckle while making her bed today, I know she thinks broken bones are the worst thing to happen to a person. (Wait til she sees a severed limb for real!)
In the meanwhile I've explained to her ice packs and the whole R.I.C.E method. We put babe's Lightning McQueen Ice pack on her and I explained to her why we wrap ice instead of applying it directly to an injury. I told her that her toe was only a little bit bruised. Mentioned nothing of a break and after 15 minutes of ice she was fine. Morning should bring about more answers but it is probably nothing more than a stubbed toe. And yes, I win mom of the year, because I continued to play Candy Crush Saga as she screamed and cried out in pain.


  1. I don't do blood well, I tend to freak out for a minute until I can calm myself. Daddy is much better at it than I am. LOL

  2. I hope she is OK today!! When my little man was about 20 months old, he tripped over his own feet as he was walking over to his wooden toddler table and chairs. Bumped his head and fell back on his diapered butt. I was all like "rub it" and when he turned around, blood rolled down his face. I almost fainted!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  3. I don't pass out or anything I just panic and drive too fast! My hubby is a First Responder with the Volunteer Fire Dept and has been to EMT school so he handles those incidents. Except for twice. The first time was when Prince was at my grandmother's house while I was still in school and he fell of the couch gashing his head open. and the second was when the King was working at the "real" fire dept (by real I mean paid! NEVER call it the real fd to a volunteer. In their eyes they are the real ones cause they do it for free ;) just some advise) and he flopped down on his bed and gave him self a concussion when hitting the head board! :/ both times landed us in the ER!

    -Queen Mommy