Friday, February 1, 2013

People in the mirror are different than they seem

In keeping with the "never good enough"/ it gets better theme, I thought back nearly 15 years ago to my high school years.
With the availability of social media, everyday has become a high school reunion. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because you can see that now it doesn't matter if you were the cheerleader or the A/V clubber, we are all just men and women now. Past disputes have been buried and taken over by congrats on engagements and new babies. Bad because most of us, especially the moms, find ourselves comparing our parenting abilities to all the other moms out there.
In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, one of these moms was brought up, she was the trouble maker in school, and continued to find trouble wherever she went. I'm sure that many of us thought she'd be dead from drug use. However, sometimes people change, I for one should know that well. This mom is now the mom of the year, the Pinterest mom, the organic, super clean, overachieving soccer mom. I surely hope this is a permanent change in her life and not just another phase, because it fits her well.
This mom got me to thinking of the other stereotypes that I graduated with, the teen heartthrob who turned out to be gay, the guy who constantly fought with whoever looked at him is now a top hairstylist at a hot well known salon, the shy reserved girl who sat in the back is now an executive for her company and is married to a Wall Street hot shot. I know I have changed, and I'm happier because of it. We all grew up and realized you don't always have to be the geek or part of the popular crowd. Those high school statuses are just 4 short years of your life, don't put so much stress on them.

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