Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh the people you'll meet!

I started this blogging bit to share my life with all of you, to get my story out there, with the intent to hopefully save someone from taking their own life. I don't know if I've quite done that yet, but I know that I've at least have helped someone to get help for PPD (postpartum depression), and that makes it all worth it.
However, when I started, I thought is was all about writing and hitting publish and that was it, end of day. Maybe tell a few friends via Facebook and the word would eventually travel that I am here writing this bloggy thing. I didn't realize that I'd have to network, create a bunch of button thinga-ma-jiggies on the side over there, link up my blog to this site, to this blog, to this page, and so on and so forth. Luckily, I stumbled on to a gold mine of a group and have found some amazing mom bloggers all over the world, ones that I'd like to consider friends. They helped me answer a huge list of questions, have given me tips and tricks on how to promote my blog, and introduced me to new sites and new networks. Without them I'd still be writing to an invisible audience. To show my appreciation for them and all that they do, I am dedicating today's blog to them, spreading their words to you.  I hope you check them out!

I've spent the last few days sick, snuggling with my sick family and procrastinating writing another blog because I have hit a blogging wall! So, what do you do when you are procrastinating doing something? Do everything else but that thing! Lol. I helped a friend, Vinma, design her image for her blog, A Momless Mom. An amazing blog about an amazing woman and her story of growing up Momless, her journey into motherhood and her love of her two adorable children. She also has a section for book reviews which I found to be very insightful. Go check her out!

The one who has helped me the absolute most is Eileen, over at Consignorcity.com, a resale marketplace for children's clothing and toys. A great place to sell your unwanted items, and pick up a few new things too. Also, while you are over there, check out her blog page. She does a lot of great reviews and giveaways! She is also a survivor of suicide, her brother took his own life when he was 19. She has a blog about it here, please read it and send her some comment love. :)

I especially need to thank Heather, who created the Facebook group, Blogging Addicts, where I have met all these wonderful women. Heather is part of the Empower Network, a blogging platform which allows you to blog for bucks. If you are interested in learning how to turn your talent for blogging into your weekly grocery money, then please go visit her blog here.

Another Blogging Addicts group member who I feel a connection with is Jennifer, from Momma Trauma, a blog dedicated to giving a voicing platform to those unheard and ashamed voices of Birth Trauma. She speaks of PTSD, PDD, Perinatal Violence, and other subjects surrounding Birth Trauma. I haven't told my birth stories yet, one which left me broken heart and longing to have it done right the next time. I'm not sure if I'll post that story here or maybe as a guest blogger on Momma Trauma, either way it will be told. :)

Some of my favorite blogs to read came from this group too. Go over and check out Lana at Monday's Nugget, she has an adorable blog with recipes, funny moments in motherhood, a few giveaways, and some style blogs too. She is typically good for a laugh or two.

If you are into style, photography, and/or cute homemade hair clips and other adorable things, head over to Carolyn at her websites; CC McAfee Perspective, CC McAfee Photography, and CCMakesStuff. I am envious of her abilities, so I promise to be her main etsy store customer!

There is Debra, The Harried Mom, now a #shaklee180 blogger. I look forward to following her on her weight loss journey and hope you will too!

Tasha, has an adorable blog called New English Mum in America. She is from England but moved to the US when she got married, and now writes her little blog about her days as a Stay at home Mom to an adorable little boy.

Wow! I didn't realize quite how many mom bloggers I love! I really didn't think I'd still be typing now, but I don't want to forget anyone in this great group, so here is some more great blogs below, they blog about life, about style, giveaways, health, green living. They all have amazing content and some will have you peeing with laughter, so be sure to put on some depends before reading.

Katie - My life as a Navy Wife

Tracy - Crazy as Normal

Jessica - Your Healthy Happy Life
  Jennifer - Simply at Home Mom

Queen Mommy - Mommy Trying 2 Survive Monday

Penny -Green Moms and Kids

Vicky - The Pursuit of Normal

Gabrielle - The Leading London Personal Stylist

Ellen - Bad Word Mama

Anita - http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/anitabreeze

Well, what the hell are you still reading for? Go get clicking and enjoy!

I'll be adding these blogs to my blog roll, once I figure out how to create it..."OH, Eileeeeeeen!"


  1. Great post!! Thanks for including me! I also didn't realize how much was involved and am still learning every day!

    I am also very glad to have found a blogging group full of awesome people!

  2. <3 Wanted to show my love to the whole group. Each of you have inspired me to venture further into this blogging world! :) Thanks!

  3. Bethanne, I thank you for "pimping" me! haha I can pretty much guarantee that I would be quitting right about now if it wasn't for the group! No one knows everything but everyone knows something and they are all willing to help out :)

    1. I know right?!?! I've learned so much about Alexa, Sverve, stumbleupon...it's alot, but nice to know someone will have knowledge of it all.

  4. I am not going to say 'thank you' anymore.. I am sure you are sick of hearing that from me at this point.. :) But as usual, I can't help it. So, here it is:'Thank you for including my blog into your lovely page and giving a brief description on me'. All I have for you is "Thank you"! :) Keep Writing. Words are your best friends. They will never abandon you...

  5. Wow, this is the sweetest post. Thank you for including me. I totally agree that this is a great group and i'm enjoying it so much. The networking, the friendship, the learning process - all so valuable. I feel fortunate to be part of it.