Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ok, so after reading countless blogs and thinking there is nothing to it, I've realized exactly how much goes into writing a blog and entertaining the masses. Most days, I can't fit enough time in to get a shower, let alone write a blog. Plus, I really would like to know who is truly interested in the many mysteries that plague my day, such as, who smeared pooped on the wall? It's not like I live this dramatically fantastic life, I wake up, watch kids, clean, eat, shower, and barely sleep...nothing fancy. However, I've been told that I am thoroughly entertaining when it comes to pretty much everything, which, if you choose to stick around, you'll hear plenty of it.
Let's start with a little bit about me and my typical day. I am a stay at home mom of 2, my oldest -"love" is 6, and her brother - "babe" is 4. I left my job in Mortgage Insurance at the end of 2010, sick of working in the city and missing so much of seeing my kids grow up. So, I left with a plan, I wanted to start my own child care center from my own home. I did some research, I advertised, I got a few friends willing to leave their kids in my care, and I got all the certifications needed. So far it's gone very well, at least for the most part. Some days I miss the smell of the subway in the city, mostly during diaper changes. I mostly miss the friendships I had in the office, well, all adult interactions really. However, I love that I can wake up throw on jeans and a T-shirt, make some coffee, then cuddle up with Babe on the couch til all the other kids get in, and that is something I wouldn't change for anything!
I currently only watch one little boy. A very adorable 18 month old! So my days are fairly easy, but hopefully not much longer.

I am not going to set goals of writing everyday or even once a week. I want to write when I get the whim to. When I feel the need to talk something out with a bunch of strangers, and when I want to share a funny story about my day or my family. So please feel free to enjoy my rants and let me know what you think. Hopefully, you'll find me slightly entertaining enough to stick around.

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