Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I may never learn

At the end of November, I took a bad spill down the steps, had a bruise the size of melon on my hip, but other than that, I was fine. A few days later my wrists were really sore, and my joints were really swollen. So I went to the doctor and asked for some meds for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. She gave me an anti-inflammatory which I've been taking daily, but still was sore here and there. The pain was tolerable, nothing that had me crippled, and I figured it was just part of getting older and dealing with winter with RA. Since that fall in November, I fell 3 more times, banged my wrist all over, and although it hurt, I tolerated it.
Fast forward to Saturday. I had a head cold for the better part of Friday and so I knocked myself out with NyQuil and decided to sleep through the cold. Unfortunately, Hun had a funeral to go to, so I still had to be a mom for babe on Saturday morning. So I got a shower, got dressed and still felt like crap. I put my head down for a minute and it felt so good. I decided to let him play with my phone so I could take a quick 5 minute nap, but he thought it would be a fun time to run in circles around me, jumping over my fetal positioned body here and there, while playing with the "Talking Tom 2" app on my phone. Suddenly, pain is shooting up my arm, black circles are spinning in front of my eyes and I hear Tom the cat repeating my scream. Thanks to Tom, my scream turned to laughter and I shook off the pain. Later that night, the pain intensified and again I shook it off. My hand and wrist have been very stiff and not very useful since the first fall in November and it's difficult to perform daily tasks like laundry and washing dishes, even eating. I've learned how to use my left hand for mostly everything except blow drying my hair. So Monday, I'm trying to straighten my hair. A curling brush in one hand and the blowdryer in the other, but my damn wrist wouldn't bend the right way to use the blow dryer. Finally, I caved in and went to an urgent care place around the corner and got it x-rayed. They find not only one fracture, but 3, as well as one that never healed correctly from who knows how long ago. Hmm, so that is why it hurt? I'd be interested in figuring out how many other bones have been broken without my knowledge, because up to this point, my crowning glory had been that I had never broken a bone and I'm the worlds biggest klutz!

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