Friday, January 25, 2013

Daytime, Primetime, My time!

I follow The Crumb Diaries on Facebook as well as her blog, Curveballs. Her son Logan is a trip, but today she posted a status about how "sucktastic" daytime tv is. I couldn't agree more. Although, I am occasionally sucked into The View or The Today Show, I never have any desire to turn the channel over to watch a particular show.
Our TV knows three channels during the day, 120 - Disney Junior, 131- Nick Jr, and 128 - Sprout. I enjoy these shows maybe even more than the kids. During naptime, I find myself watching LazyTown, Princess Sophia, or Bubble Guppies, and I keep watching with no intent to watch grown up shows. I would rather watch Dora solve a riddle from the Grumpy old Troll over watching Shaniqua find out that her uncle Trey is not the father of her baby any day!
Today, Babe has decided that it's a movie day, so we are watching The Princess and the Frog currently. Well, he is watching it because the little one is napping and I'm writing.
What shows, grown up or not, do you like to watch? What are your most watched channels?
Nighttime TV is a joke in this house because I am either busy doing mom things or Hun has control of the TV. If he has the remote, we are watching something about food and cooking, some redneck reality show or home remodeling/house flipping shows. I admit, I love these, but when he watches TV, he watches a channel until a commercial comes on, then watches the next channel, until the next commercial, then he moves to the next show. It is the most annoying thing ever! I never get to find out how much the guy with the Civil War Riffle pawned it for, or who made out best on Storage Wars. So many questions are left unanswered and I'm left frustrated.
So I escape to my games on my iPhone mostly, unless I have the urge to clean or knit. My guilty pleasure shows, Bones, Glee, Ben and Kate, and Once Upon a time, are all watched via Hulu + on my Nook Tablet with headphones on. Normally, after the kids go to bed, while Hun is downstairs flipping channels, I'll be catching up on the week while fighting off sleep.

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