Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Momma Trauma: Special Announcement!

I've written before about a group I frequent on Facebook, a group of mom bloggers who just seem to get me. We all have just started out in the blogging world and have been very supportive and helpful with each other in finding new tips and new tricks.

One particular mom I've written about previously, deals with a very sensitive issue, one that affects a lot of moms in my community and all around the world. She blogs about "birth trauma" which ranges from physical to mental health issues and complications during pregnancy, child birth, and postpartum time periods. She has become a rock for women world wide, an advocate for the victims of Birth Trauma. Her name is Jenn, her website/blog is Momma Trauma. She knows all too well the emotions of PTSD, PPD, and birth trauma.

Below is an amazing project she is heading. I can not wait to start a local circle for the members of my community.

From Jenn:

The Project

What are we planning that is so top-secret? A global birth trauma sacred circle support network.

Why is this such a huge deal? This network will be the first of its kind dedicated to birth trauma and perinatal violence victims. It is a peer-to-peer network run for and by those who have walked the warpaths of birth trauma.

What will this network offer?

·         Localized, in person sacred circle support groups that will meet at least once a month

·         Online forum for support, advocacy, education and all aspects of birth trauma & perinatal violence.

·         A sacred circle support group via phone conference for birth professionals, at least once a month.

·         Birth professionals available for individualized support to fellow birth professionals.

·         A growing bank of resources: local and international

·         Future opportunities to participate in advocacy and education efforts

·         All areas above will be growing as time goes on!

 Why is this network needed? As a birth trauma mom myself, I know how difficult it is to find resources for healing and recourse following a birth. I also know the importance of voicing my story (both online and in person) so that I may heal. It is my goal to get these resources out into the local community to “unearth” the unspoken traumas and get moms the peer-to-peer help and support they so desperately need. We have also come to learn that birth professionals can experience birth trauma, even if only through witnessing the course of events. These professionals who give so freely of themselves need a place to decompress from births so that they may give themselves freely in subsequent births. 
Why will the first meetings be held during Mother’s Day Week? We’re asking local communities to hold their first meeting during or around Mother’s Day Week in May. This gives them one month to organize a place and time and to also promote their meetings. This network is designed not to re-traumatize the mom or birth professional, rather to help her empower herself to work on her own healing journey. It’s the empowerment that we hope a community member will take away from this network during Mother’s Day Week. As mothers, we deserve to be happy and healthy And “healthy” includes our psychological well-being.
What do we need? Volunteers! Community Members! If this project interests you in any aspect, we want you! We understand that while we may feel adamant about advocating for birth trauma healing and support due to your own journey, some may not be ready for a role in leadership yet. That’s okay! We have other volunteer needs and of course you can join your local group to further your own healing and meet others nearby with similar problems. No local group yet? Fill out our feedback form and tell us! We’ll add your location to the “Location Needs” list so those interested will know there’s already an interest in your area! We need:
·         Local Organizers

·         Regional Help

·         Forum Administrators

·         Advocacy & Outreach Team

·         Education & Resources Team

·         Translators

·         Have an idea? Tell us!

Medical Disclaimer:
While we understand there may be medical and/or psychological issues at hand for any one of our community members, we ask that everyone involved remember that this is not a ‘professional’ support group, rather a peer-to-peer space. While we may discuss treatments within our own healing journeys, we understand that we cannot diagnose nor can we suggest any one avenue of treatment over another. We respect the autonomy of women to make their own informed decisions and in order to make those decisions; we must have information for all sides free of coercion. It is for this reason that we seek to offer a comprehensive resource library for our community members, supporters and local organizers.

Spiritual Disclaimer:
We are working to create non-denominational, all-inclusive spaces, understanding that religion may come into play in each community. We respect the beliefs of our community members and know that the idea of “sacred space” can be created regardless of religious affiliation.


“It is my opinion that if even one person comes to a meeting, that is at least one
life changed for the better! I will always be there, even if only for that one.” – Momma Trauma

Head on over to Momma Trauma, click on Sacred Circles and get started. Volunteer, join the discussions, and find out more.


  1. Great post!! I know that Jenn will appreciate you getting the word out about this and it will help a lot of people. You rock!

  2. New to the blogging world and I just stumbled acorss your blog. I think it's great, I will definitely start following.

    I love your posts and especially this one. As a mother and third year Occupational Therapy student I can how beneficial 'Momma Trauma' is. I will definitely join the discussion board.


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