Thursday, April 4, 2013

2 for 1 special: Epically Awesome/Very Inspiring Blogger awards

I am procrastinating writing again. I have nothing to write, which is kinda good, considering this blog was supposed to be chronicling my struggle with depression, so no news is good news. I am doing very well. I got a job, not THE job, but I'll take it until something bigger comes along. The house is getting done more and more each day, the back yard will be re-vamped next week!!! Spring is here, and it's actually starting to feel like it. Just all good and quietly plotting out other people's demise over here.
So, thank you to Ellen (Bad Word Mama) for giving me a reason to write by nominating me for this Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness. Yay!!

I'm supposed to give you 10 facts about myself and then pass this award off to other bloggers. I feel like I'm being hit with chain letters disguised as awards, but eh, I'll take good praise where I can get it. Thanks Ellen! :)

1.  My biggest "quirk" that tends to piss people off, is that I tend to bust out in song (and sometimes dance) if I hear a word or phrase that reminds me of a song. This in itself doesn't piss people off, it's that I completely forget what we are talking about and we have to start the convo all over again. Tell me that you want new boots because these boots... I have no idea what you said after this point because Patsy Cline just came out of my mouth. :) Made for an awkward first date when I did it 9 times in 30 minutes. The guy must had thought I had some disorder or something.

2. My parents are in the process of a pretty nasty divorce after 35 years of marriage. My sister and brother are all sorts of fucked up about it, but I haven't gotten upset about it. Sometimes I think I should care more, but then Hun pisses me off and I realize marriage sucks, my parents deserve to be happy.

3. 2 extra large cups of Dunkin donuts coffee, a Starbucks venti caramel macchiato and 2 "5 Hour" energy shots, and I'm still tired, but I'm starting to see unicorns and zombies.
4. I want to start a petition to get Spongebob banned from being marketed to ages younger than 10. I hate all shows that "dumb down" kids.

5. I worry that I may be getting more strict than my own mother.

6. I've was going to confess a big problem of mine in this line, but I just deleted it. :) Not quite ready for that step yet.
7. Orchids are my favorite flower.

8.  I just recently broke down and let my daughter listen to pop music. She listens to "Kidz Bop" type songs at daddy's house, but I wasn't ready to admit she was passed the Old MacDonald stage yet. Suffice it to say she is growing up much to my chagrin. :(  Her favorites are Lady Gaga and Kesha. Lord help me!

9.  We had a "Clean the House/Dance party" today listening to Kidz Bop Station on Pandora, and I have to admit that party rock really did make me lose my mind and I really did have a good time.

10.  I sound really old now, on top of discovering wrinkles forming today and sighing at the number of gray hairs on my head this morning. I guess I am getting older too. Time to get a plastic surgeon on call. Botox anyone?
DONE!!! Woot I did it! (only took me two hours to type that)
Epically Awesome Bloggers:

AND, as if I didn't just indulge your inner stalker enough, I now am going to complete the requirements for this "Very Inspiring Blogger" award. Thank you kindly to my friend Jen over at Simply at Home Mom ( I just wrote simply a hoe mom, thought about keeping it that way, but I have too much respect for Jen to do something like that to her, you're welcome Jen)

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then nominate 15 bloggers for this award. Which I'm only doing 5, because I'm the boss of this blog and I said so!

1) I miss the days when getting a shower everyday was not so difficult to achieve. I fear I may be starting to live back in the Renaissance times. Please kids! Let me get a shower today!!!

2) I am 95% sure I am going to hate this new job, so I am hoping that I get a call from somewhere else before I have to start. 

3) Even when Hun and I were having a silent standoff, we still went out on "Date night" it was a quiet and awkward evening, but it is a special treat every other Friday, so we did it anyway.

4) I can throw my voice and I do some awesome impressions, but never on command. It's got to be completely spontaneous or I can't do it, I'll be nervous laughing too much to do it.

5) I really laughed at my uncle's funeral when I was 12. I'm a nervous laugher, and at one point I had to bring up the "gifts" to the priest, in front a very large family, I started laughing really loud walking up the aisle. No one ever said anything about it, but I think it's because they knew I had already gone nuts.

6) On my mom's side of my family, there is a Nun and two priests(one retired priest, and one ex-priest.) I did this laughing at a funeral bit in front of all of them and their nun/priest friends....ay yi yi! Lots of prayer went out for my sanity that day.

7) My son has the worst breath possible, but we were just at the dentist today and he said his mouth is very clean. It's either caused by his sinuses or his Reflux, or both...I hope we can get to the bottom of it soon or I might be forced to get him a Hannibal Lector type of mask.

Top 5 Inspirational Bloggers who I think truly deserve this award:

1) Diary of a Fit Single Mom - I only just found her, but I read through her posts and really like this one. Plus, single moms are the most inspirational kind of people.

2) Curveballs - Allison, aka "Al" over at The Crumb Diaries is the one who inspired me to start blogging, her daily struggles and joys of her son Logan, her Daughter Abby, and her son in law, Kevin, have brought tears and laughter (mostly laughter) to my days. She is the top on my list of inspiring blogs!

3) The Klonopin Chronicles -  Another one I feel a kindred spirit to is Klonnie. She tells it like it is. Doesn't sugar coat her life and make you think she has all her shit together. Her daughter "Troubled" is very similar to myself growing up, quite troubled. Everything worked out for the better for myself, I just pray the same for Klonnie and Troubled.

4) Tell Another Mom - This is a mom on a mission, to stop "Mom Bullying," Fight off the perfectionism bug, and spread the word that it's ok to be just a "Good Mom". Truly a blog after my own heart.

5) Being Positive with a Depressive Soul - She is the embodiment of what I want to do with my blog, teach others that it does get better, that this is not their end, to keep fighting to be happy, and to be at peace with yourself.

Now go over and see the fabulous blogs I've mentioned, grab some coffee/martini (or a coffee martini) and settle in for a good day/night of reading! :)


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