Friday, April 5, 2013

Eff this Shish, It's Friday!

Yesterday was all sorts of fun between Babe and I. Although the beginning of the day was rushing off to beat the drug test for the new job deadline of 10am (after sleeping in til 9:15), the remainder of the day was for him and I, (and my blog, and my Facebook page, and candy crush saga, but you know he came first.) I even skipped my chores for the day (although I did laundry and dishes so it wasn't a complete lazy day).
We've been learning about the value of money, which is way above his preschool level but he learns everything so quickly, I don't want him to get bored, plus he has been curious about money values, so, why not? We headed over to the local teachers supply store, picked up a few workbooks for him and Love, as well as a money bingo game and a bag of plastic coins which ran at a ridiculous price tag of $16.99USD for a total of 60 plastic coins. I may return them because that was the stupidest thing I've ever done! They have a whole piggy bank full of coins we could use! Anyway, he could count by fives by the time we were done and now he knows how many pennies are in a nickel and a dime as well. Today we will learn quarters. He truly does amaze me everyday with his memory retention skills.
Another thing I taught him yesterday was our address and our phone numbers. I made sure he knew the importance of knowing them in an emergency and he was intent on listening. I started with my cell number, went to used the magnet refrigerator thing to put the numbers down, asked him to read it, closed my laptop and asked him what numbers were on the fridge. He responded "I can't read them because the computer is closed!" So I opened it and had him read the first three numbers, covered the number and asked him if he remembered the first three numbers. He did and repeated them from memory, so I repeated the process with the next three numbers, had him give me the first and second set of three. I then repeated the same process for the last four numbers had him say the full number from memory three times, and did it all over again with daddy's cell number. Then altered it a bit for our address. Two hours later he had his dentist appointment. They asked for my phone number and he jumped at the opportunity to repeat it! 6 hours later we were out to dinner, I asked him what my phone number is, daddy's phone number and our address, and he rambled it off like he's known it for years! Thank god he has my talent with number memorization!
Apart from the learning bit, we had fun not learning too! We had another dance party, played hand puppets (I have no idea how this got started, but it's his new favorite right hand is a dog, my left hand is a cat...he cracks up whenever I make one of them mad, or sad, or snore) We let our inner silliness fly wild while he was getting a bath. I told him to smell the bubbles and dunked him into the water, making him laugh water out his nose. Then he started doing it to himself and hit his head on the bottom of the tub, and still came up laughing hysterically, I got it all on video but I need to hide his boy pieces before I post it. We made an Easter bunny craft (a week late) played Lego Star Wars, did an invisibility trick and disappeared right before daddy's eyes(under a towel). Bought a new vacuum and vacuumed the spider webs off of the ceiling above my bed, and played at the park.
Pretty much I did enough "mom of the year" shit yesterday so that today I can sit here and say, I'm not doing a damn thing! Shh! Momma's blogging and posting to facebook. Why don't you go play with Captain America and the Hulk? Oh, you want to watch movies all day and play video games until you bleed mega pixels? Sure, just leave me alone kid.

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  1. Hi! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I like the idea of teaching them the important information as early as possible.