Friday, July 12, 2013

Update, I'm back! :)

I am back…for a quick second. I last updated that I’ve been feeling pretty depressed, I was truly on the verge of something dramatic. I talked to my doctor about uping the meds, but it didn’t seem to help. I tried to hold on, saying that once I get a Job, and get rid of all the pain I was in, that maybe I wouldn’t feel quite so hopeless. Everyday, I woke up crying, cried about 20-50 random times per day, and fell asleep crying. Hun tried to be supportive, but it put a lot of stress between us. He knew that even getting a random job at a supermarket or  a fast food place was out of the question because of the pain I was in, but we needed money and he was the only one bringing it in as of March. One day, after carrying me down the stairs as tears streamed down my face because of the pain, he broke down too. He was actually proposing to run off the the court house to get married that week so I could get on his insurance…which is completely against what we have planned. I broke down and decided to make an appointment with my doctor to see about getting real good pain meds. (For the last 2 months I had been taking 8 Tylenol or 4 Aleve at a time, multiple times per day with no relief) I hobbled into her office and she asked how long I had been that bad? 2 months I told her, but I have been having the random soreness since October just not constant, it was a daily constant pain since April. She asked a few more questions and said “It’s not your RA. You got Lyme’s.” (She is a family friend and a sweetheart through and through)  Turns out nearly every medical complaint I have been putting up with for the last 6-8 months has really been because of one thing. A Tick! A little teeny little bug must have bitten me at some point during autumn or summer last year and given me Lyme’s Disease. I have to say though, I’m relieved it is just Lyme’s Disease and not a million other problems that I thought it could be, like my RA getting worse.
So I’ve was put on Doxycycline, which caused me to have a thing called “Herx” reaction, or something. From what I can understand, the Lyme bacteria is dying and thus releasing toxins in my blood causing my body feel 10x worse as if that was even possible! Finally after waking up from a nap unable to move without pain, I called my doctor again who sent me to the ER. They gave me Prednisone, a muscle relaxer, and a mild pain reliever. I left feeling much better and stayed better for the week I was on Prednisone, but now, not so much. I am sore but not nearly as bad as I was, so I’m tolerating it for now.
So Lyme’s Disease caused my depression, and since that little bugger is being killed off in my system, do feel happy again, not wholly, but soon enough I’ll be back to my good old happy self.

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